Best Miter Saw For Woodworking (In 2021)

Expect you are an enthusiast or a full-time expert woodworker you should understand that a substance miter saw is one of the vital tools you can have in your store. It’s best for tasks such as cross-cutting in your various woodworking projects. There are many such tools in the market, and if you can find yourself the very best compound miter saw for woodworking, you will be good to choose an extended period.

Some people call this tool a slice saw; however, there is a big distinction between slice saws and miter saws. Slice saws are mostly used in the cutting of metals, and you can not bevel them left and right like it is with the substance miter saws.

You will find your compound miter saw useful for lots of projects around your shop, which is the sole reason I’m stressing that you try as much as you can to have one.

This tool is outstanding when it pertains to the cutting of crown moldings, wood crafts, and other forms of ornamental trims. As much as a woodworker requires to have this machine, problems come when it is time to purchase one as there are many options out there that can be confusing.

In a quote to make it easy for purchasers to get the perfect product for their quests rapidly, I’ve evaluated the leading substance miter saws out there, and anyone that you will pick on this list will serve you right.

Best Miter Saw For Woodworking 2021

1. DEWALT DWS780 Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch double bevel moving substance miter saw is the very best substance miter saw for woodworking that you must think about for your store.

This tool features a special XPS cross cut placing system that allows for an adjustment-free cut line indication such that you won’t need to recalibrate in time or after altering blades.

Additionally, the saw uses a high capability cutting because of its effective 15-ampere motor that delivers a speed of approximately 3,800 RPM. The exclusive back fence of this tool cuts up to 2X14 dimensional lumber at 90-degrees, and 2 × 12 at 45 degrees, 6-3/4- inch vertical capacity, 7-1/2- inch embedded crown size and 13-7/8- inch horizontal position.

What’s more about this device is that it gives a problem-free Operation, and this is because of its extremely noticeable scale and easy angle change that has actually bevel from absolutely no to 49 degrees with 10 favorable stops in both left and right directions. If you are utilizing this tool, you can quickly lock the angles in between detents using the web cam lock miter button.

Last but not least, it has fences, bevel system, and sturdy stainless-steel miter detent plate efficient in resisting rigorous handling, making it a terrific tool for framing and constructing wooden porch floorings.

The Summary of Top Features.

The tool has an integrated XPS cross cut placing system that uses an adjustment-free cut line indication.
It includes a sturdy 15-ampere motor that provides a speed of approximately 3,800 revolutions per minute.
This maker bevel from no to 49 degrees with 10 favorable drop in both right and left directions.
Its manages offer so much mobility.

Substance miter sawPros

The tool is highly accurate and exact
It offers supreme resilience
Has high capacity cutting
The Dust collection system of this tool catches over 75% of dust created.


It has limited cutting capabilities.

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2. Makita LS1040 Compound Miter Saw

This saw gives you power, precision, and benefit for your various woodworking tasks. The tool comes with a well balanced 15 ampere direct-drive motor with 4,600 revolutions per minute, that won’t slip or slow down.

The electronic speed control of this tool preserves consistent speed under load, and thanks to the soft-start technology, it has a smooth start-up that enhances its efficiency.

In addition, the Makita LS1040 includes a double post substance pivot arm with bevel cuts of approximately 45 degrees towards the left. The miter changes in this device range from 0 to 45 degrees left and 0 to 52 degrees right, and has 9 favorable miter stops and 0 degrees (90-degree cuts). Its aluminum base guarantees precise cuts.

What’s more about this tool is that it has a fluorescent light that brightens your working surface. This tool has a compact size weighing only 27.3 pounds, making it really portable for simple use.

Many professionals in areas such as woodworking, surface carpenters, case and base installers, decking, siding installation, floor covering applications, and other professionals like the supremacy provided by this superior 10-inch substance miter saw.

The Summary of Top Features.

It uses a powerful 15 AMP direct-drive motor for enhanced efficiency; 4,600 RPM
The tool has a dual post substance pivoting arm.
It comes with miter cuts, miter stops, and bevel cuts.
This saw is portable as it weighs only 27.3 pounds. for easy mobility

compound miter sawPros

It has actually improved performance
The tool includes high capacity cutting
It is highly accurate
It has a wide range of applications


It does not have adjustment directions

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3. Hitachi C10FCG Single Bevel Compound miter saw.

Precision is critical in woodworking, and Hitachi C10FCG is the product to offer you that. It includes so much accuracy and versatility for a miter saw. The company relabelled to Metabo HTP, and that does not affect the quality whatsoever.

This tool has a 15-ampere motor that provides a speed of up to 5,000 transformations per minute and has a large table that permits much better material support with a vice securing system that secures the workpiece.

Hitachi C10FC5 15-Amp 10 ″ even more comes with 0 to 52 degrees miter angle range to the right and left that offers you flexibility. It has a Motor Horsepower of 2.57 HP. The angle varies from 0-45 degrees to the left thus using tidy and precise bevel cuts. The thumb actuated favorable stops permits you to make quick miter adjustments.

The tool weighs 24.2 pounds, making it portable with a dust collector attachment that mi

The Summary of Top Features.

The tool has a 15 Amp motor with a speed of approximately 5,000 RPM.
This saw includes 0-52 degrees miter angle range to the right and left.
It likewise has a 0 to 45-degree bevel range to the left.
The saw weighs up to 24.2 pounds making it portable.
It has a horse power of 2.57 hp.

Compound miter saw for woodworkingPros

The tool gives precise and accurate cuts
It is portable
High maneuverability and easy to use
It comes with an ergonomic design for protected handling


The blade can not cut big wood pieces

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4. Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw

This saw is truly one of the best substance miter saws around, specifically if you are trying to find a sophisticated tool.

It has fine-tuned bevel modification knobs that relocate to 47 degrees best to left, providing accurate cuts. The head of the saw has a counter spring balanced such that whenever you set the bevel angle, it will not move up until it is locked hence, optimum accuracy.

What I loved about this saw is how simple it is to align cuts from the left or right side of the kapex with the help of the dual lasers, as they show the product you ought to get rid of when cutting.

Festool 575306 has an ergonomic design that permits you to work conveniently and over a prolonged period. It weighs 47 pounds, which is lightweight enough to move from a task website to next. As you move this tool, the Kapex’s head locks down and avoiding movement. Its 2 handle places keep the center of gravity of the Kapex closer to the user’s body so that there is no pressure on the back.

You need to learn about this tool due to the fact that it has a cutting capacity of up to 12 inches. You can cut the materials vertically up to 4-3/4 inch x 3/4 inch.

Festool 575306 can trench around pipelines or other challenges with the provision to change the trenching depth to 90 degrees by turning the knobs.

What makes this tool various from the others is the constant blade speed, even when packed. It offers a variable speed control that allows you to match the blade speed with the material you are cutting for this reason safeguarding the motor from overload and possible damage.

The Summary of Top Features.

The saw includes dual lasers
It comes with a rail forward style
Blade diameter: 10 1/4 ″.
Crown nested capability: 6 5/8 ″.
This saw has a cutting depth of 90 °/ 90 °: 12 ″ x 3 15/32 ″. The optimum slope stands at 47 °/
47 °. The miter series of this tool is 50 °/
60 °. Power usage: 1600 Watts (13 Amps).
It comes with an excellent 91% dust collection.

compound miter saw for woodworkingPros.

It has exceptional accuracy.
The saw has a high dust extraction channel.
It is portable.
Variable speed motor.


Some users report the failure of the switches.

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5. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD.

Let’s speak about precision, precision, adaptability, and distinct style, let’s discuss Bosch GCM12SD, it is one of the best compound miter saws that you can find out there. It features an axial slide system that allows more comprehensive and smooth crosscuts and better alignment while still keeping compatibility, therefore conserving you 12-inch area.

In addition, this device comes with an expanded cutting capability of 1 inch horizontally, 6 1/2 inch vertically against the fence base, and 6 1/2 inch crown capacity of as much as 45 degrees. Such dimensions allow for a variety of cuts.

The GCM12SD miter saw gives you easy modifications with a big and easily legible uniform bevel and stainless steel miter scales that have actually marked detents and roofing pitch angles. The bevel detents are 0, 33.9 degrees, and 45 degrees left to right for accurate cuts. This saw includes a 90% dust collection.

It is very precise thanks to the square lock quick release fences lock 90 degrees to the table and does not require change and one-touch lock/unlock to move rail for added support. It has upfront bevel controls for quick and easy bevel settings.
More about this saw in the video below:.

The Summary of Top Features.

It includes axial glide system.
The tool has a cutting capacity of 14 inches horizontally, 6 1/2 inch vertically and 6 1/2 inch crown capacity against the fence 45-degree spring.
The bevel detents 0, 33.9 degrees and 45 degrees delegated right.
It features 90% dust collection.

miter saw for woodworkingPros.

It uses compact cutting.
This saw deals you so much accurate control.
It’s flexible.


It’s heavy at 88 pounds.

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Best Compound Miter Saw for Woodworking Buyer’s Guide.

Numerous miter saws you are most likely to connect with if you enjoy woodworking, and these saws include various functions that differentiate them from one another. Here are a few of the critical aspects that you require to consider in the very best substance miter saw for woodworking before buying one.


As a woodworker, precision is the essential feature of a miter saw that you require to think about first. I do not have to discuss what that implies, particularly if you are a pro in the woodworking industry.

Whatever the task at hand, whether it is framing or fixing kitchen cabinets at your home, you understand that precision is the top priority. For that reason, if you are shopping for a compound miter saw, make sure that the one you purchase has the very best possible level of precision.


Power is also another critical element of the best substance miter saw that you ought to pay attention to when picking your product. Powerful miter saws do not need that you set them to really high speed to cut through different materials.

You need to consider your saw not effective, particularly if you need to use a lot pressure for the products to cut successfully. A less powerful miter saw is likewise less likely to be accurate. For that reason, if you are looking for your miter saw, make sure that you go for the one that gives you a lot of power to get your tasks done promptly.


You have to examine the capacity of the substance miter saw that you plan to buy. The tool’s horizontal capacity figures out how broad you can cut a baseboard utilizing it. The vertical capacity/size of the fences on the other side figures out how high you cut the crown molding.

Three considerable aspects figure out how large or the capacity of a compound miter saw; these aspects are:.

The size of the blade.
Moving or non-sliding.
Size of fence.

Various substance miter saws have different blade sizes. Most of them have 10 inches and the 12-inch blades. As you ‘d anticipate, the saws with bigger blade crosscut broader boards than those with little blades.

Relieve of Use/ User-friendliness.

A user friendly miter saw comes with bevel scales that are significant clearly and show up enough for the user to take the readings easily. With such a tool, you will find it easy to make miter and bevel adjustments/cuts. The miter detent stops also should have clear makes that are visible.

Likewise, the blades of the miter saw must be easy to alter. It is not unusual for you to purchase a compound miter saw just to find that the blades are not great sufficient for your job, and you ‘d love to change them. Because case, it ought to not be an issue for you to have the change and replaced.

Dust Collection.

Like it is in the case of wood planers, compound miter saws also produce a lot dust that you ought to gather to keep your working area clean. The dust collection system requires to be efficient if you are to work for an extended period producing precise cuts.

With a bad dust collection system, dust might likely go and settle in different parts of the substance miter saw and possibly impacts the functionality and accuracy of the whole device.


Having a substance that you can transfer to job sites is a plus, particularly if you are a professional woodworker moving between tasks. Therefore, it will be required for you to have a portable miter saw portable and move easily with it without fretting about the transportation mode.

If you are going to operate in your store through and through, you need to not fret about the mobility of the tool. Better still, having a device that is mobile comes with an included advantage.

Every woodworker understands how crucial it is to have a substance miter saw for woodworking. This tool offers you versatility, accuracy, and accuracy with different woodworking jobs, which is why you ought to always make every effort to get the very best product in the market.

Following my several years in woodworking and interaction with different kinds of compound miter saws, I think about DEWALT DWS780 Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw as my overall finest substance miter saw for woodworking. This miter saw responses all the concerns a woodworker would ask in a substance miter saw.

If you discovered this post practical and have a concern, viewpoint, addition, or subtraction, kindly share it with me in the remark area listed below.