Best Robotic Pool Cleaner (In 2021)

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that cleaning up a swimming pool can be effort.

Or is it?

Well, it ends up that there is a really elegant option to your cleaning requires.

You can reduce the burden of cleaning the swimming pool by using a robotic swimming pool cleaner.

So, with that in mind, what is the best robotic cleaner on the market?

In this post, we will consider the best alternatives available on the market adjusted to your needs from customer reports that we have investigated.
Robotic Pool Cleaners
Why Buy a Robotic Cleaner?

A Robotic cleaner is better than other types of automatic pool cleaners due to the fact that you do not need to connect them to your swimming pool. It is very easy to use, as all you have to do is install it correctly and after that plug it in to see it work effectively.

Here are some reasons a robotic cleaner is the best buy for inground swimming pools.

These cleaners are incredibly flexible and effective, as they can tackle all kinds of particles, big or small. You can use them on any kind of swimming pool surface; in fact, they are quite suitable for tiled swimming pools in addition to vinyl pools. An integrated purification system adds to its effectiveness.
These cleaners are extremely environmentally friendly, as they don’t launch any chemical or toxic substance while working. Your pool stays in an ideal condition and you never have to stress over any health problems.
These pool cleaners do not need serious upkeep; in fact, all you have to do is clear the filter bag, rinse it, and you’re ready to utilize your cleaner again.
These robotic cleaners don’t rely on your pool’s filtering system or pumps, which means they are very energy efficient. They work fast and finish the job in a timely way.

Overall, robotic cleaners are incredibly beneficial and efficient, however it deserves mentioning that they can be rather pricey, specifically compared to the other kinds of automated swimming pool cleaners. The price can go up significantly if you require a cleaner for vinyl swimming pools. To prevent twisted cable televisions, you have to buy models with a swivel cord, which may cost a little bit more.
Top 10 Robotic Pool Cleaners to Buy

What are the very best robotic pool cleaners on the market? It is a typical question to ask, but the answer depends on your special needs and swimming pool type. Here are a few of the most popular alternatives for you to consider:
1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
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Are you looking for a robotic swimming pool cleaner that provides exceptional worth for money because of the performance and general features, then you can not go wrong with the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. Although it isn’t cheap, this unit is worth every dollar that you invest since you will get thorough cleaning action.

The robot scrubs all the parts of the pool, from the walls to the floors. The product is terrific for swimming pools of different depths approximately 50 feet. And although the Nautilus CC Plus looks sluggish, you will get quick cleansing action as it tidies up a 50 feet pool in around 2 hours.

There are other functions besides the speed. For example, you can schedule the robotic to clean whenever you want, varying from daily cleansing to every two or three days. The cleansing performance is partly due to the existence of dual-scrubbing brushes and double top-load filters that catch particles in the pool.

Energy efficiency is an important aspect when selecting a robotic cleaner for large pools, and we are pleased that this system is several times more efficient than your routine cleaners.

In general, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is a great solution for whoever is tired of by hand cleaning their pool. And given that you can get the system for under $1000, you get excellent worth for the cost.


Energy efficient
Fast cleaning
Easy to use
Two-year service warranty


Requires numerous cycles

2. Dolphin Nautilus CC
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Where the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus catered for fairly large swimming pools, the Dolphin Nautilus CC, on the other hand, is developed for above ground pool and in-ground swimming pools with smaller sized dimensions. The system is perfect for pools as much as 33 feet. The system likewise is readily available for under $800. Besides that, it offers similar efficiency to the CC Plus.

To that end, this design scrubs away the grime and dirt on all parts of the swimming pool, consisting of the pool walls and floorings. One significant function of this system is a big capability leading load filter basket. With this feature, the design can trap in a large quantity of debris like leaves and similar things.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC is a compact little fellow that is easy to use without having actually any specialized skills or hardware.

Given that the unit does not require a pool pump or filter to assist clean the swimming pool, it is far more energy-efficient than common cleaners on the marketplace. You enjoy plenty of adaptability also since the robot can be programmed to clean up every day or every three days, depending on your preference.

Invest more time on the things that matter and enable the Dolphin Nautilus CC to take care of cleaning up the swimming pool for you.


Excellent value for cash
Easy to establish
Extremely energy effective


Frequent cord entanglement

3. Dolphin Triton PS
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The Dolphin Triton PS is the best robotic pool cleaner if you have a tree or plant near your swimming pool. If you have a tree near the swimming pool, a regular complaint would be the dropping of leaves into the swimming pool. Well, with the Dolphin Triton PS, you have a robot cleaner that will get rid of all that, and more, without having you lift a finger.

The unit is unique since it has an extra-large filter basket that can accommodate all those pesky dead leaves and similar types of particles. Hence, the model is excellent for leaves.

Aside from that, this system is capable of cleaning pols of sizes up to 500 feet. And in cleaning up such large swimming pools, the robotic will clean up all parts– from the floorings to the waterline and the walls. All of these can be accomplished in just two hours. If that is too slow for you, there is the ‘Quick’ mode that accelerates efficiency to one hour!

Just like the very best models on the marketplace, you can set up the Dolphin Triton PS. Another function that makes this an excellent unit is the strong brushes that spin faster than those in regular cleaners.


Extra-large filter basket
Best for leaves
‘ Quick’ Mode


Poor fine material pickup

4. PAXCESS Pool Cleaner
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Where some of the others we have reviewed included cords that often entangle, the PAXCESS Cleaner is a cordless choice. The robotic cleaner has a rechargeable battery that provides more than one hour of cleaning on a complete charge. To keep the battery safe, the product has a water resistant style.

One of the more impressive things about this robotic is the building. The system is constructed sturdily, and as long as you maintain appropriately, you will get years of great service from the model. Although the unit is not light-weight, the weight is workable and ensures simple handling during setup and maintenance.

This robotic also offers you a number of cleaning up durations, unlike other robots that have a repaired cleansing duration.

The wheels at the bottom of the robotic cleaner let it move over various surface areas stably and quickly.

All of the features above are excellent, and the cleaning performance uses even more reasons to consider getting this robotic. Overall, the exceptional cleaning performance, lovely and useful design, and ease of use make the PAXCESS Cleaner a cost effective option under $600 for any dirty pool that requires a fast cleansing.


Quick operation
Great cleaning performance
Nice design


Minimal runtime

5. Dolphin E10 Pool Cleaner
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If you have an above ground swimming pool and are trying to find a reputable, inexpensive, and efficient robotic cleaner, then the Dolphin E10 is just for you. This robot does not scrub walls, which limits the ability to work in in-ground swimming pools, but for an above ground pool, you can anticipate satisfying efficiency.

The primary tool for cleaning here is the brush set up in the front. This might not look like much, but in use, the brush spins twice as rapidly as those found in standard cleaners. There is also a fine filter that will trap any of the particles that is discovered in the swimming pool. For that reason, you can bid farewell to the leaves and bugs in your swimming pool. It is likewise one of the very best for fine dust.

The CleverClean navigation technology discovered in the Dolphin E10 leads to an efficient robot cleaner that scans the swimming pool and chooses the best route for cleaning. Because of this technology, this robotic can clean up pools as much as 30 feet long in less than two hours.

Although this robotic cleaner does not have a cycle timer or scheduler, the single button operation means that you will find the device easy to use.


Excellent cleaning efficiency
Easy to use
Large filter basket


Cable entanglement

Know the Type of Pool Before Buying a Robotic Cleaner

When you wish to invest in a robotic pool cleaner, it is essential to consider your pool type initially. Some robotic cleaners are developed to manage just a few specific types of pool surface areas– they might be created for tiled pools only. However, other, high-end, cleaners can deal with any swimming pool surface area, consisting of the slippery tile of a fiberglass pool.

To find an appropriate cleaner, take notice of the softness of the PVA brush. Select a soft extremely grip brush when you have a fiberglass pool, however you can opt for a cleaner with rubber PVC brushes for the majority of swimming pool surface areas though.

Together with the surface area, you need to consider the size of your pool as well. It is essential since your robotic cleaner will include a repair cable length, so you need to make sure that it is suitable for the size of your pool. There is no point in buying a cleaner that can not reach the outermost sides of your swimming pool.

Similarly, don’t buy a cleaner with additional cable if you have a smaller sized pool due to the fact that it increases the danger of tangling, which avoids the cleaner from moving on. So, have an idea about the length of the cable television that will work for your swimming pool and after that proceed with a purchasing choice.
Know What You Want Your Robotic Cleaner to Do

Together with taking note of the size and type of your swimming pool, you need to consider what you ‘d desire your cleaner to do. For example, you can find a robotic cleaner that vacuums the swimming pool flooring and does nothing to clean up the walls. They normally have repaired brushes and cost less.

You might want to look for a different robotic cleaner if you desire it to clean up the flooring in addition to the lower wall. These cleaners feature active scrubbing brushes and are capable of climbing up the walls to some extent.

You may need to buy a different type of robotic cleaner if you want it to clean the flooring in addition to the wall, cove, and waterline. These cleaners have numerous additional functions that enable them to remove debris from the water.

What it implies that you need to understand ahead of time if you require a vacuum that does repaired brush cleaning, which is preferable for smaller sized in-ground pools, or you require an advanced cleaner with additional functions and capability to climb the walls.
Features to Check before Buying a Robotic Cleaner

With a variety of robotic cleaners available on the market, it is natural to feel baffled. Nevertheless, you should check the following functions to make the best purchasing choice.

Constantly focus on the overall weight of the cleaner before completing a buying decision. Lots of people make a mistake and feel more concerned about the size of the cleaner. Instead, they need to be considering the weight before even thinking about the size. Naturally, you’ll require a bigger cleaner for a big inground pool, however guarantee that it is not too heavy to get in and out of the swimming pool all by yourself.
Smart Scanning System

Even when you opt for a bigger robotic cleaner, it will work fine if it includes a smart scanning system. Lots of people believe that they have to pay out a great deal of cash to purchase a system with some wise scanning choices, however that is no longer the case. Lots of brands are now using units with clever software and sensors to map out the size and shape of the pool.

When your cleaner can get a feel for the size and shape of your pool, it can work efficiently, covering every inch of the pool and providing the best performance. You simply can not overlook this function if you wish to purchase an automated cleaner for your “uniquely” formed pool.
Four-Wheel-Drive Wheels

Coupled with a smart scanning system, an unit with four-wheel-drive can walk around with utmost ease and deliver the very best cleansing performance. Ensure that the wheels are broad and made from high quality rubber to deal with bumps with ease.

You must be specifically mindful about this feature if you’re buying an automatic cleaner for tiled pools with a very slippery surface area. It will likewise work when you need a system for algae that adds to the slipperiness of the pool flooring.
Scrubbing Brushes

Inspecting the quality of scrubbing brushes is an equally important thing to do, as it will have a direct effect on the performance of the unit. Gone are the days when scrubbing brushes were restricted to premium in-ground pool cleaners, as many brand names now have these featured on less expensive models too.

High quality scrubbing brushes will work with the suction system and eliminate any dirt or algae present in your pool. Just keep in mind that though cheaper models now have scrubbing brushes, however they are usually single spinning brushes. For bigger swimming pools, you might wish to buy an unit with a double brush system, however that is going to cost you more.
Programmable Timer

If you don’t buy a cleaner with a programmable timer, there is no point in buying one, as it is never going to make your life much easier. With a programmable timer, you don’t need to go out whenever you want to turn it on.

High quality robotic cleaners have programmable timers that permit you to set everything and then forget turning the cleaner on. Just make certain to clear the bag and tidy it from time to time to keep your automated cleaner work efficiently.

In addition to these features, you may want to purchase a robotic cleaner with power cleaning jets that assist in case your swimming pool has great silt, dirt particles and sand. Likewise, an unit with a good filtration system is going to carry out better, so you ought to opt for the one with a lower micron worth. And finally, guarantee that you put your money on a long lasting robotic swimming pool cleaner, which is energy effective also.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How often to run a robotic swimming pool cleaner?

If you swim frequently in it, you ought to run the robotic swimming pool cleaner every day. If you swim infrequently, then running it as soon as every week or bi-weekly is great. If you have a swimming pool cover, then you can run the robotic once a month.
2. What is a robotic pool cleaner?

This is a cleaner that utilizes an electric motor to develop suction and power that moves it inside a swimming pool. It sucks in the particles and maintains it up until the particles container is emptied.
3. What is the very best robotic pool cleaner for above ground pools?

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the best swimming pool cleaner for above ground swimming pools. The model uses powerful cleansing performance to keep your swimming pool sparkling.
4. Who makes the very best robotic swimming pool cleaner?

There are numerous manufacturers of robotic pool cleaners on the market, however the Dolphin brand name makes the very best designs across categories.
5. What is the very best robotic in-ground pool cleaner?

If you have an in-ground pool, the Polaris F9350 Sport cleaner is the very best for such a swimming pool. It has an excellent style, and more significantly, gets rid of particles under stairs and tight corners.

Selecting the very best ranked robotic swimming pool cleaners can be a challenge, but the ten best-rated pool cleaners that we have actually considered in this post will assist you narrow your options to the model that will satisfy your requirements. Pleased cleansing!